How to sell a product? Proven Sales Techniques

Here are 7 proven sales techniques to help you close more deals at your business. Ahead!

  1. Find your ideal client

The client is the most important person in the company since all efforts are dedicated to satisfying their individual needs.

For the products or services to be able to meet the needs, the company must know its target audience. That is those people who are going to be interested in your articles and who will make the purchase. Thus, the company can allocate all the resources to cover certain needs and carry out effective sales techniques.

To give you an idea, 71% of organizations that exceed their lead generation and revenue goals have a well-documented ideal customer profile.

How to find your ideal client?

Companies find their potential and ideal customers through market research. This is where segmentation of the public is carried out, taking into account social, economic, cultural, and political factors as well as age, sex, lifestyle, etc.

When the company has already found its potential client, the center must be the creation of effective sales techniques focused on those particular clients. For example, McDonald’s market segment is the public between 14 and 25 years old, and young parents with children between 2 and 8 years old, who are looking for an entertaining and fun place to eat.

  1. Increase the added value

The added value of a product is a characteristic that is given to a product with the aim of assigning it a higher value. For this, the company must take into account technological updates, innovation, and the search for new forms of business.

This perceived value does not always go through rationalization. In fact, a Harvard professor found that 95% of purchase decisions are unconscious and most are motivated by emotion.

How to add value to a product?

Through physical changes in the product. For example, conservation, transformation, packaging, and labeling processes.

Differentiation and segmentation are also excellent sales techniques – for example, with aspects related to corporate social responsibility or products for the vegan public.

To make decisions about increasing the value of the product, you must know the market in which your company operates, the particularities of the article, and the availability of the raw material. Also, keep in mind that 60% of people consider price to be the deciding factor in their purchase decision.

  1. Know the needs of the ideal client

Ideal customers are those people who want exactly what your product or service offers, and in a way, on whom the success of your company will depend. It is very important to identify them to optimize your strategy.

This shouldn’t be difficult, as 83% of consumers are willing to share their data to enable a personalized experience.

In addition, if you satisfy the needs of your clients permanently, the relationships that will be built will be more lasting.

  1. Listen to your customers

One of the most important sales techniques is active listening. That is, the ability to listen to the customer and understand what they are looking for at all times.

In addition to collecting valuable information that will allow you to refine your strategies, listening to the customer brings concrete benefits to your company. In fact, 79% of consumers say they would only buy from brands that show they understand and care about them.

Depending on the characteristics of your target audience, it is important that you have traditional communication channels (email, call center, etc.;) and digital ones ( messaging applications, chatbots, etc.).

  1. Invest in social proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon in which human being tends to repeat the actions of other people. For example, if you stand on the street pointing a finger up, most people will stop to look where you point.

The same happens in e-commerce. Many web pages include testimonials from people so that the buyer does not feel that he is the first. This social proof is intended to encourage purchases of a particular product or service.

  1. Create a sales language

The right words are powerful sales techniques. And here psychology comes into play: it becomes clear that there are a series of words that capture the attention of the public, such as “free” or “limited offer”.

The language of sales must be persuasive, whether verbal or non-verbal. In the first case, you can use mental triggers, words that stimulate certain actions. Already in the second case, you can behave like an authority, who knows – based on facts – what is best for the client.

  1. Keep in mind the importance of technology

It is useless to know the best sales techniques if you do not have time to put them into practice. And that is exactly what happens to many companies: a note from Forbes showed that administrative tasks are responsible for 14.8% of the loss of effectiveness of sales teams.

Fortunately, digital transformation can give you a hand and make your life easier. With CRM software you can, for example, send emails and campaigns, and carry out follow-ups or sales reports automatically.

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