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The 10 Best Jobs for Young People

You have recently reached your adolescence and you want to somehow obtain responsibility and financial independence, correct? This article was made for you. Below you will find a list of the best jobs for young people and students.

Maybe you are already thinking about your future or you want to buy your things with your money, or maybe you are a mother looking for a job for her son.

Well, the best way to find a job when you’re young is to look for a part-time or lighter job. And in fact, there is no shortage of options, just choose the one that best suits your personality.

The best jobs for young people

As promised, below are our top 10 best jobs for a young student.

1 – Babysitter

A “babysitter” or “nanny” is a person who takes care of someone else’s children. Countless new parents look for this solution for their children when they need to do something out of the ordinary, and it is a solution that earns considerable money.

Babysitting is a very good job for young people as the hours are flexible and if you love children even better. Place an ad offering your services on social networks and Facebook groups in your city and someone will certainly contact you.

Or maybe even someone in your neighborhood needs this kind of service!

2 – Deliver mail

Every summer, it is common for CTT to hire teenagers to deliver letters by bicycle.

In addition to working outdoors, the schedule is almost always part-time, meaning you will still have a lot of free time for yourself and the salary is very decent.

3 – Treating animals

If you are a young animal lover and you are used to taking care of animals, then this is perfect for you.

Many animal associations are looking for young people to walk their dogs or spend time with them, the salary is a bit symbolic, but it’s a fun job and you still earn some.

4 – Cut grass

Mowing grass is an excellent job, especially in the summer. If you’re a young person who doesn’t mind working a little harder, this might be a good deal for you.

Many people in your neighborhood certainly don’t feel like mowing the lawn in their backyard. So what you can do is knock gently on the door and ask if they need a little help from a young person with the will.

5 – Lifesaver

A lifeguard is a person who is at the beach taking care of people. If something happens, like drowning, it’s the lifeguard who will come to the rescue.

If you love swimming and are good at it, then taking a lifeguard course could be an asset to you.

This is an easy type of job to get as the pools, beaches and water parks need a lot of lifeguards during the summer and the pay is really good!

6 – Supermarket

It’s not really the best job in the world, but almost all supermarkets have part-time hours and that’s perfect for young people.

Usually for young people, working in a supermarket can even be fun! You can meet a lot of people and it’s a job where time really flies.

There are almost always vacancies in the summer. Sign up at supermarkets like Continente, Lidl, and Pingo Doce, and work just 4 to 5 hours a day earning a good salary!

7 — Virtual Assistant or Freelancer

Working “online” can be a solution for you. If you have a knack for social media or writing, you can find lots of freelance work on websites like Upwork.

You may even think that you earn little as a “freelancer”, but that is a lie. There are really a lot of people who make a living freelancing and make a lot of money.

8 – Deliver pizzas

A typical job for young people is to deliver pizzas to companies like Pizza Hut and Telepizza. The good thing about these companies is that they offer part-time contracts and pay a pretty good salary.

You can also work on your own at Uber or Glovo, for example, you will only need a bicycle and a “Smartphone”.

9 – Automatic washing

Car wash companies usually look for staff in the summer.

Petrol companies such as PSO and Cultex always have an automatic car wash system and it is a good alternative to a part-time job, especially for those who like cleaning and cars.

10 – Changes

If you are a young person with determination and strength, moving companies may be an option for you.

The schedule is very flexible and there is always a lot of work in this area, especially in the summer.

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