Industry 4.0: what is the profile of the professional of this era?

Surely you’ve heard the term industry 4.0 around. But after all, what is it and how does it impact the professional market? The definition comes from the idea of ​​a fourth industrial revolution, which came to transform the means of production again and, even more, brings a new way of thinking.

Let’s remember a little history: the first industrial revolution happened with the emergence of the steam engine, there in England; the second came with series production; the third came with automation systems, and the fourth is the result of the era of intelligent automation based on artificial intelligence.

Want to know more about the changes that Industry 4.0 brings to the job market and understand how you can prepare for them? Keep reading!

What changes does Industry 4.0 bring?

To better understand the effects of this era, it is necessary to highlight two points: first, it has as one of its pillars the internet of things, which refers to an expansion of connection networks for several other objects besides the computer. This point brings interconnectivity as its main characteristic.

The second item to be highlighted is that, precisely because of the internet, the fourth industrial revolution was not restricted to large companies, and more: even if indirectly, it affects all sectors.

In this scenario, in which interconnection and intelligence are keywords, the market began to demand professionals with a thirst for learning. Everything is in constant transformation and you need to be willing to be always looking for updates.

The level of training required is also increasing, even for the most basic functions. On the other hand, the possibilities of study are much greater, mainly thanks to the growth of distance learning.

In addition, there has been a growing demand from companies for professionals who master various subjects. This is a consequence of the perception that the sectors of an organization need to work together and minimally understand the role of each other. Quite the opposite of the serial production era, industry 4.0 admits professionals capable of understanding the entire production process.

How to stand out in Industry 4.0?

Within this new era, professionals need to work to acquire new skills, which are important for them to achieve a good positioning in the market.

With all the interconnectivity imminent, a competence that can already be mentioned is the mastery of another language, mainly English. After all, more than ever it is necessary to communicate with the rest of the world, seek foreign technologies, and even knowledge already consolidated in other countries.

Plus, we’ve listed five more attitudes you can put into action right away to earn your leading role in the age of artificial intelligence. Check out!

Be multidisciplinary

Being multidisciplinary means mastering knowledge from several different areas, but not only. You need to know how to interconnect them and use them together. Strategically, the most important thing is that you can use skills from different areas to work on solving a complex problem.

Multidisciplinary is what happens, for example, when we use an engineering technique to solve a marketing problem (or vice versa). Basically, it’s about learning about various subjects and being able to see them in an integrated way.

Seek innovation

The expression “think outside the box” is very common in the world of entrepreneurship. Seeking innovation, in the sense, we indicate here, is precisely that.

The market asks for creativity and daring to create new solutions, to invest in different ways of doing the same things. Industry 4.0 professionals need to develop their ability to review processes and propose improvements.

Master communication

If intelligent automation has full force, it does not mean that human relationships have become more distant. On the contrary, companies tend towards humanization and cooperative work.

With this, interpersonal communication skills gain a lot of importance. The leadership profile is no longer just for the manager — it is encouraged and demanded by the entire team.

At the same time, it is necessary to master external communication skills, such as public speaking and online positioning, which are fundamental aspects for anyone who wants to be recognized as a prominent professional today.

Develop your emotional intelligence

Knowing how to relate to others, having balance in stressful situations, and being able to deal with pressure — are some of the skills of those who have well-developed emotional intelligence.

Neglected by many, it is extremely important not only for a professional career but also for balancing personal and work life and maintaining psychological health in good condition.

Emotional intelligence helps you think more clearly, avoid unnecessary wear and tear and demonstrate maturity in the professional environment.

Be flexible

We have already said a few times in the course of this text that one of the main characteristics of the current world is a constant mutation, right?

If everything is always changing, you need to know how to adapt to new situations. The industrial age 4.0 scenario demands flexibility from both companies and professionals.

How to prepare to work in Industry 4.0?

Now that we’ve talked about some of the main characteristics that a professional must have to succeed in Industry 4.0, it’s time to present you with some tips to develop them.

Before anything else, the tip is: to seek training. Invest in quality courses, offered by institutions with good structure and recognized by the market.

A great option and fully consistent with the reality of industry 4.0 is to seek undergraduate or graduate courses at a distance. EAD offers the possibility of more flexible teaching, which adapts to the routine of each one. Just look for a good university that is recognized by the MEC and offers quality material.

If you don’t speak English, it’s also time to start looking for it or even invest in a third language. Another important tip is to consume quality content, always looking for inspiration and checking out the latest news about your area of ​​expertise.

Industry 4.0 is already part of the reality we live in, its characteristics are much more present in everyday life than we can imagine. With all the above tips, you will surely be well qualified to seek a good place in the age of artificial intelligence.

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