How to do good marketing management

You must have already realized how important marketing is for selling products and services, right? After all, without it, people would hardly know about the existence of the goods and the company would not profit.

Marketing management is the action responsible for analyzing strategies, dealing with the environment, implementing improvements, and monitoring the results in this area. When this step is done well, the brand is able to implement the tactics more efficiently and also make all stakeholders see value in it.

Doing this can even be considered one of the challenges of running a small business, even more so when you are not an expert in the subject. Since it’s a procedure too important to ignore, I decided to help you be a good marketing manager, without having to be a guru on the subject. Come on!

Invest in SWOT analysis

One of the first steps is to study the internal and external environments in which your company operates. SWOT analysis is a tool that can help you in this because through it you can analyze the positive and negative aspects that surround your products. In the internal environment, you will have strengths and weaknesses, and in the external, opportunities and threats. This way:

Strengths: internal strengths, for example, product quality;

Weaknesses: internal negative points, for example, low productivity ;

Opportunities: external positive points, for example, the decrease in the value of taxes on the sale of goods;

Threats: external negative points, for example, strong competition.

Thus, you will always observe the two environments, to know what kind of strategy you should have :

Weaknesses + Threats: Survival. It is time to be prudent in actions and seek to change one of the environments, before taking a bolder action;

Weaknesses + Opportunities: Growth. It is time to take advantage of what the foreign market is in favor of and invest in tactics to grow more;

Strengths + Threats: Upkeep. The external scenario is not the best, so any strategy has to be very well evaluated;

Strengths + Opportunities: Leverage. This is the most favorable context. Actions need to seek the advantages that the two environments provide.

Set clear goals

How do you know what kind of action to take if you don’t have a goal with it, my friend? It is from the company’s goals that every decision will be made. For example, it is possible that you make your clothing brand known not only here in the country, but worldwide. Or, you may want to be the biggest reference in the software market, focusing on the inclusion of people with disabilities. Do you realize how completely different goals are?

It is even based on the objectives outlined that you will be able to analyze how efficient the implemented actions are and how close your business is to get where you want to be. Therefore, set clear goals, make sure that all employees are aware of them, and invest in resources for marketing that helps in this aspect.

Establish the 4 Ps of Marketing

This is a tool that helps your company to put into practice the marketing strategies defined in the previous moment — the letters refer to: product, price, place, and promotion. It starts from the idea that when creating a product it will be necessary to know who it is going to reach, determine a price that brings profits, decide the place of sales and think of ways to promote it.

As for the product, you need to analyze some issues, such as what kind of need it will satisfy and what the differential it brings. As for the price, you need to decide on one that your customer would be willing to pay, at the same time that it can bring profit to the business.

Regarding the square, you need to analyze the best point of sale or distribution channel for the products or services — they usually vary, depending on the target audience. In promotion, you need to think about product communication actions with the target audience. This could include email marketing, social media advertising, or fan page creation, for example.

Find out about the best stocks to invest in

There is a huge range of different actions you can take when running campaigns, but for good marketing management, my first piece of advice is: to inform yourself about what works best for your business, specifically.

How to do this? Observe what has gone right and wrong for the competition, snoop around their website and social networks, research customer feedback, and read about how each action works, as well as its financial return and application in everyday life.

Don’t try to do everything at once.

When implementing many actions at once, if something goes wrong, you will have a hard time knowing which element caused the result to fail. So, don’t do everything at the same time, but rather list priorities and execute them gradually. With that, your “recipe” will be a success!

Pay attention to the basics

As trends change, new patterns emerge and jargon appears to scare those who are not experts in the subject, always remember that the purpose of marketing is to attract people.

So, instead of focusing on everything you don’t know about the area, focus on the things that don’t change, like offering fast and quality service and having good products that make people recommend your brand – after all, it’s also marketing!

Look for experts

Since you are not an expert in marketing management, look for someone who is and ask for help. This is certainly one of the best ways to learn, even if you read about it, as you will live in practice and follow the advice of those who have been doing it for the longest time and successfully.

So, in addition to following companies that deliver content in this area — such as the Guide —, follow experts and leaders who talk about it, like me. LinkedIn is an example of a place where professionals with vast know-how on different subjects are concentrated and with whom you have the opportunity to interact.

Don’t always go for the cheapest

To be honest, I really like the low-cost tactics that bring good returns, and I always recommend them to anyone looking to jumpstart a small business without having that much capital on hand. However, I never decide to use one of these strategies just because of the low cost, but because they are cost-effective and, above all, because it is perfectly possible to apply them in everyday life.

So, whenever you find something that looks interesting, I advise you to do research on it beforehand, in order to understand if the plan is really beneficial. Remember, too, that cheap is often expensive, and you may have to pay extra to try to fix any damage.

Observe the channels on which actions are being performed

You can monitor the company’s social media profiles, blog, and website. The interactions of people in each post, for example, give evidence of how efficient the digital marketing strategy has been.

As for the blog or website, there are several tools that help to monitor how the visitor behaves, what he sees first, and which place usually has the most clicks. This helps to make some decisions, such as choosing where the “buy button” will be or what type of layout is most attractive.

Also, you need to know that each type of channel reaches a different audience and this is another detail you will be looking at. If I want to achieve a younger profile with a laid-back personality, for example, I will probably be successful on Instagram, using attractive photos.

Facebook can be a good one too. In that case, I can use memes and emojis to get closer. If I want to talk to executives or other entrepreneurs, maybe taking a chance on LinkedIn will bring good results and help me build more authority.

Track the return on each investment

My last piece of advice is that you always — pay special attention to this adverb of time — track the return on each investment, however small it may be. Monitor the results of any action taken in the company and compare them with the established goals.

Tracking metrics makes all the difference to make smart decisions instead of guessing and working only with intuition. Only then will you know what works best and make the necessary adjustments in managing your marketing strategy.

Now, my friend, you already know everything you need to do quality marketing management, even without being an expert on the subject. The best solution, in these cases, is always to inform yourself well, do the basics and follow the progress of the work. In a short time, you will have successful campaigns!

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